"Picklers of all types"

Our members are committed to enhancing activities for players of any age and experience level by promoting social, open, league, and tournament play.

We have an ongoing objective to educate people on the "best sport ever"; by connecting adult players, addressing the needs of seniors, building a robust youth program, and sharing the benefits with veterans and others in need of adaptive services.

The Organization

The Southern Nevada Pickleball Club (SNPC) is a 501(c)(3) organization and has a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation (82) Charter with the State of Nevada. We also do business as and are known as Southern Nevada Pickleball.

The SNPC can accept charitable donations to support its efforts and welcomes your financial assistance. Please visit the Donation Page on this site or reach out to us to discuss how your gift could be used to meet your objectives.

"How do I become a member?"

Membership matters.

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"How can I quickly self-assess my skill level?"

USA Pickleball definitions of skill ratings.

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"We promote pickleball to all individuals regardless of membership or circumstance."


As a novice player, SNP can help you begin.  There are ambassadors, trainers and services in the community that are here for you.

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Organized play can help you hone your skills.  Consider one on one instruction.  Take advantage of resources.

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Golden agers represent the largest single demographic group in pickleball,

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SNP maintains special Board advocacy for veterans' programs and military adaptive sports.

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SNP promotes development of the next generation of picklers.

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Volunteers recognized by organizations that promote the best sport ever,

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Consider becoming a referee.  Our community needs people to officiate and help with tournaments.

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Find a professional that can help with your journey.

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