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Our Mission:
The Southern Nevada Pickleball Club will promote the sport of Pickleball as a recreational and competitive sport; advance amateur athletics for school age girls and boys of all circumstances through the sport of Pickleball; work with Veterans in need of rehabilitative services; and, advocate for Pickleball players throughout Southern Nevada by working in a collaborative effort with Government Officials, Recreation Departments, and other entities to provide a unified voice in expanding, improving, promoting and organizing Pickleball participation for all.

The SNPC seeks your support through membership.

Our mission is to promote Pickleball as a recreational and competitive sport. 

1) The SNPC will promote the development of Pickleball as a  means of sportsmanship, physical fitness and healthful recreation; foster and promote national amateur sports cometition in Pickleball; encourage and conduct Pickleball tournaments and exhibitions; and, promote, sponsor, and advertise Pickleball to the general public to accomplish our objectives.

2) We will be the voice of the Pickleball community in Southern Nevada in working toward the expansion, improvement, promotion, and organization of Pickleball participation for all. 

3) We will strive to advance amateur athletics for school age girls and boys of all circumstances through the sport of Pickleball as well as work with Veterans and others in need of adaptive and rehabilitative services.

4) Your membership and donations (including your used paddles and balls) will help support our efforts in  building a robust Youth Pickleball program and make a difference in our Veterans outreach. Please visit our Payments & Donations page.

The SNPC is exempt from federal income tax under IRS Section 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions they make  to us under IRC Section 170.


Adult Annual membership dues are $15 per Individual and $20 for Couples or Families.
Youth program participants 18 and under are free!

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Annual Membership Dues

Individuals = $15   ****** Couples/Families = $20

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Adults, Youth, Vets

Our members are committed to enhancing social and competitive activities for Adults of all ages through social, league, and tournament play; building a robust Youth program for school age girls and boys; and, sharing the benefits of the sport with Veterans and others in need of adaptive services or programming.

 S N P C

The Southern Nevada Pickleball Club is an independent unincorporated organization licensed with the State of Nevada. The Club is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization and can accept charitable donations to support our efforts.  We need and welcome your financial assistance. If you choose to help with your financial support, please visit the Donation Page on this site or reach out to us to discuss how your gift could be used to meet your objectives.

Introducing our SNPC Team

Club Officers: Patti Chess, Angela Burton-Rosovics, Debby Dempsey, Earl Stitt, Felton Hyche, Brien Vokits, Darla Christensen, and John Sloan.


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