Pickleball is social. Pickleball is competitive. Pickleball will make you jump for joy (if you can still jump!).


Scott & Patti at Spring Mountain Youth Camp

Earl, Sue, & Nancy collecting donated paddles at Toys for Tots. Paddles will be used for our Veterans and Youth programs.

Mike McPride & his Firefighter team

Pam Leslie

Kyle Stoddard, our teenage Champion

Augie, "the man" at SCS

Las Vegas Corporate Challenge

Pros at the Plaza

Wounded Airmen at Nellis

Teaching the Kids at Durango Hills

A Classic Tournament at SCS

Pros at the Plaza

The ladies at Durango HiIls

Jean showing how it's done

Wounded Airmen at Nellis

It's all about the youth

Spring Mountain Youth Camp

Las Vegas Corporate Challenge

The Elves

Kid's Day at Durango Hills

Kid's Day at Durango Hills

It's Fish & the Grizzly making it fun for the Kids!

Kid's Day at Durango Hills

Kids love Pickleball

Please sign up for this fun event.  Click here for details and Register at: [email protected]
You can pay with PayPal on the Payments Page on this website.

Construction site for new outdoor public courts at Bob Price Recreation Center (Clark County)

Young star on the rise! It's time for us to help him pick on somebody his own size!

Coronado High School starts Pickeball as an after school Club Sport. Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m. Starts  March 17th. Youth Ambassador Kyle Stoddard will be a periodic guest to inspire the students in playing the "best sport ever."

PE Teachers and Coaches will be taught how to play Pickleball as part of their professional development training on Saturday, March 28th at Veterans Tribute High School.

Veterans Pickleball at Dula Gym on Tuesday & Thursday 8 - 10 a.m. Available to all Veterans.

Youth Ambassador Kyle Stoddard displays his Pickleball instructor certification. The kid can teach too!

Professional player Steve Cole and protege Kyle Stoddard.

Herb Rapp and Pickleball students at Bally's

Randi Levenbaum and her class of future Referees

The "Dinking Divas" of Sun City Summerlin

Bill Batley tutoring a Veteran at Dula Gym

Sunset Park rendering. Construction to start in May 2020

Sunset Park 24 court Pickleball complex underway. Moving lots of dirt!

Father & Son team at Whitney Mesa Father's Day event

Father & Son team at Whitney Mesa Father's Day event

Whitney Mesa Father's Day event

We welcome your membership & support

Future Pickleball Champions!

A BIG Thank you to this Paddle Donor!

PPA, the near great at Darling in October 2020

PPA, the great one at Darling in October 2020

Halloween Ladies Tourney at Whitney Mesa on 10/31

Kim Webb & John Williams are two of our avid volunteers in the SNPC Veteran's program.

He's back! Mario Najera & Angela Burton-Rozovics

What has Glenn gotten himself into?

Kids are what it's all about!

Steve Cole and Bill Batley draw big crowds at the Plaza free clinics!

Yes, they do!

A woman's work is never done, says Diane Fitch.

Marie Pena keeps it in play at the Spring Social (held in September!).

Our man Ron Sheu takes Pickleball around the world to his homeland!

The Great One shows his stuff at the Darling!

Men's King of Court Round Robin at Durango Hills

Family Pickleball Round Robin at Durango Hills

Queen of Court Round Robin at Durango Hills

The SNPC logo

Queen of the Court

Queen of the Court

Queen of the Court