Getting started? Want to advance?

Check out Pickleball New Dinkers of Las Vegas on this site (Dinker's Calendar page) and on Facebook for an organized and welcoming way of being introduced to the sport. You could also venture down to the Plaza Hotel & Casino for some free clinics. Lessons are offered by a number of Certified instructors as well. Also, please reach out to one of the many local USA Pickleball Ambassadors that are listed on this page. They are available to help get you off on the right foot. Go down this page to get up to speed on the rules of the game, as well as the many sites that you'll be visiting frequently as you journey into the "best sport ever." You can start out with which you'll be going to time and time again. Have fun!


WHITEHEAD, SCOTT -- DIS’T AMBASSADOR (518-531-8933) [email protected]
CHESS, PATTI -- AMBASSADOR (702-277-7231) [email protected]
WESTMAN, GLENN -- ASS’T REGIONAL DIRECTOR (702-201-9801) [email protected]
VOKITS, BRIEN -- AMBASSADOR (702-234-3514) [email protected]
MCPRIDE, MICHAEL -- AMBASSADOR (702-575-1196) [email protected]
ROCK, NANCY -- AMBASSADOR HENDERSON (702-326-9287) [email protected]
DAGGER, SELINA -- AMBASSADOR HENDERSON(720-662-8671) [email protected],
LOPEZ, CELINA -- AMBASSADOR HENDERSON (702-601-3024) [email protected]
HAGBERG, JOHN -- AMBASSADOR LAS VEGAS(323-533-3880) [email protected]
SANTOMAURO, RICHARD -- AMB. LAS VEGAS (702-970-7858) [email protected]
CHRISTENSEN, DARLAAMBASSADOR (801-450-0511) [email protected]


  1. Steve Cole, IPTPA Level 2 Certified Instructor ([email protected]); 702-510-3180
  2. Bill Batley, PPR Certified Instructor ([email protected]); 702-483-8023
  3. Celina Lopez, IPTPA Level 1 Certified Instructor ([email protected]); 702-601-3024
  4. Mario Najera, IPTPA Level 2 Certified Instructor ([email protected]); 702-675-2957
  5. Kyle Stoddard, IPTPA Level 2 Certified Instructor (([email protected])
  6. Glenn Westmann, PPR Certified Instructor ([email protected]); 702-201-9801

  7. Duke Komoto, PPR Certified Instructor, ([email protected] ); 702-727-9282
  8. Trent Alenik, PPR Certified Instructor, ([email protected]); 702-767-7531

  9. Patti Chess, IPTPA Level 1 Certified Instructor, ([email protected]); 702-277-7231
10. Darla Christensen, IPTPA Level 1 Certified Instructor ([email protected]);

Free Clinics at Plaza Hotel & Casino
Offered by Steve Cole and Bill Batley. Go and get free instruction from two of the best instructors; enjoy free open play; meet other players from around the Valley; and, top it off with free parking. What a deal!
Hey, wouldn't it be great to take your playing group down to the Plaza, get a lesson that will take your game to the next level, and have some fun practicing and playing on the Plaza courts.....all for free?
Better yet, let's get the word out to parents and grandparents to take their kids and grand kids to the Plaza on a Saturday morning and help them learn (from a Pro) the sport they'll be playing for a lifetime!

(Free Clinics offered on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Check with Steve or Bill for schedule. The schedule is usually posted on local Facebook sites)


As an aid in identifying the rule changes, please refer to the Rule Change document.

To simplify, the Alternate Rulebook can be used in any venue other than tournaments. It will have a one-year public comment period. User comments should be directed to [email protected].  
Wheelchair rules integrated into general rules Expanded in.

Book by Mark Friendenberg

"Winning Pickleball"

Book by: Pat Carroll

"Pickleball, Less is More"