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Tell us what's going on in your neck of the woods. Send us a blurb to [email protected], and let us know what is going on in your Community, at your venue, a local school, or something about Pickleball you want others to know about. We'll post it here so we can all be up on all the good things about Pickleball that's going on in Southern Nevada. Let us help you spread the good news!

The "Queens of the Court" grace Durango Hills!

Saturday, February 27th was a special day for the ladies of Pickleball as they competed to see who would be donned "Queen of the Court." Presented by the SNPC, thirty ladies fought for the crown, and three Queens were in fact crowned. Congratulations to Wendy Everson, Lee Fields, and Kathy Lewis. The wind blew, the competitors persevered, and fun was had by all. A special thanks goes to all the princely volunteers.
See more pics in Gallery.

Mesquite, NV has some great Pickleball news!

  John Sadler, Ambassador in Mesquite, has some really good news to share. The City of Mesquite will be constructing 8 public courts on Old Mill Road across from the Rec Center. Please contact Nick Montoya ([email protected]) for design specifics and cost.

Also, Sun City Mesquite is embarking on a $3.4 million project to redo Pickleball and tennis courts and outdoor recreation area. The community will expand Pickleball from 6 to 16 courts! George Young ([email protected]) is the contact for design specifics. Construction will begin in June.

Both projects should be done in the early fall.


MACS Forms Pickleball Partnership with SNPC

Military Adaptive Court Sports (MACS) is proud to announce a partnership with Southern Nevada Pickleball Club (SNPC) to introduce disabled veterans and service members to pickleball. This partnership is the first of a nationwide program MACS will rollout throughout 2021. Earl Stitt, retired U.S. Air Force Reserves Command Pilot, will be the key contact for the Las Vegas program which will include introductory clinics, ongoing play, and community integration for military and their families.

Steven Harper, retired U.S. Navy Lt. Commander and MACS Executive Director is the lead instructor for MACS pickleball programming and said, “the opportunity to partner with SNPC and Earl Stitt to benefit the veterans in that region can be the model for programs across the country”. The President of the SNPC is John Sloan who added, “we are proud of this great new affiliation with MACS and proud to support the programs that MACS offers to the veterans of Southern Nevada”. Earl Stitt welcomes this opportunity to give back to fellow veterans and active-duty military, “pickleball is a great sport that anyone can learn and play lending itself well to disabled veterans who may have limited mobility”.

For MACS, working with our active duty and veteran members is such a rewarding experience, a way to show our respect and pride for their sacrifices and have a great time playing pickleball. Easy to teach, easy to learn and even easier to keep playing, pickleball will help these new players connect with others in their communities. These future players will delight in the opportunities to get and stay active and clubs like SNPC with folks like Earl serve an important role. Maybe your club will want to partner with MACS to introduce a similar program – we’d love to hear from you!

Contact: Steven Harper USN LCDR (RET); [email protected] Website: Facebook: Military Adaptive Court Sports ### About Military Adaptive Court Sports (MACS) Military Adaptive Court Sports (formerly Military Racquetball Federation) is a veteran based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting adaptive Pickleball, Racquetball and Badminton programs for disabled armed service members and veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), amputation, Spinal-Cord Injuries (SCI), and substance/alcohol abuse due to the negative effects of combat. Website:


“Pickleball Crazy” by Paul Wagner

I am pickleball crazy! How did I become crazy with this game? It basically happened out of nowhere. I played tennis at Aliante Senior Village. When we settled here for our home, tennis was a welcomed activity. I played since college and found the tennis club to be very inviting.

On one particular day, someone asked me to give pickleball a try. I tried and immediately found it to be an interesting game. At first, much of my tennis ability dominated my game. This was both good and bad. Two big differences were the serve and advancing to the net. On the plus side was my court awareness, agility, and backhand strokes.

At first the scoring, calling of the score, and knowing if you were in proper position confused me. I also found the game to be easier on my body. It was much less running and the serve was not such a factor as it is in tennis.

The players were nice and seemed so excited about their new game. Well, it didn’t take me long to be sold on this activity. I would come to the courts with both pickleball paddle and my tennis racket. Little did I think that pickleball would win out over time.

What I missed about his new game was the absence of pickleball in the Midwest, especially in Eau Claire WI. When we are in Wisconsin from mid-May to September, pickleball took a vacation those summer months. This didn’t last long because Eau Claire developed an outdoor 12 court center. I became a regular there as well as in our community in North Las Vegas. Now I was hooked. I had the opportunity to play year-round at our winter and summer homes.

I feel very lucky to have this game as part of my lifetime activity. I cherish each and every moment on the courts. I also love how you can give back to the game. New people are always coming forward and inquiring about this sport.

As I advance in this game, I always remember a poster/sign at the Durango courts in Las Vegas. It reads, “Remember where you came from – you were once a beginner with this game.” So I always say: Play HARD, Play SAFE, Play FAIR, but most importantly, pass this gift of a game unto others!

January 31, 2021 at 3:00 a.m. writing by Paul Wagner

Hjordy & Paul Wagner, 29816 100th St., New Auburn, WI 54757 3133;  Kingbird Drive, North Las Vegas, NV 89084; Cabin 715-967-4081; Cell 715-529-9728; Vegas 702-478-9716


Horizon Jeffreys Park (New park in Henderson)

The City of Henderson will be constructing a new 6-acre park at Horizon Ridge Parkway and Jeffreys Street.
Proposed amenities include a parking lot, restroom facility, turf area, landscaping, street hockey area, play area consisting of an age 2-5 tot lot and an age 5-12 tot lot, shade structures, walking paths, dog park, and a maintenance area.
Community Feedback Thank you for your feedback during the January 13 virtual public meeting and through the survey. We received substantial feedback from the community and are reading through all of the information at this time. We will hold a second public meeting in April to share our findings with the community.
Need for a Park The City of Henderson has a goal to provide residents a park within a 10-minute walk of their residence and to provide a park within a half-mile of ever resident. In addition to building the park, there is needed drainage improvements to the site through the installation of a drainage structure.
Proposed Amenities The City recognizes the need for a dog park in this area, but we would like to hear from you to see if there are other amenities you might like to see instead. Other proposed amenities include a BMX pumptrack, outdoor fitness equipment, or pickleball courts. The proposed amenities would replace the dog park and street hockey.
Construction Schedule The project is scheduled to begin construction in late spring/summer 2021 and will be completed by October 2022.
Contact For additional information, please contact Carrie Becker project manager, at [email protected] or 702-267-4054


Hello Southern Nevada Pickleball Club!

My name is Jim Gibson, and I am the Clark County Commissioner for District G. As you may know, Sunset Park is located in my District and for the past 3 years, I have focused on revitalizing the park so that it remains one of the most popular and exciting places to visit in the valley. To achieve this, I know we as a county must reinvest in the park, and so I have been working diligently to upgrade amenities that have become weathered and outdated, and provide fresh and original new features to the park not located anywhere else. As you know, last spring, we started construction on a new 24 court Pickleball Tournament complex located just northwest of Sunset Lake. Rafael Construction, Clark County’s contracted building contractor, continues to make steady progress. Concrete for the facility has been poured, and they are currently installing the court’s chain link fencing, which should be completed within the next few weeks. The court’s surfacing will soon be poured, and landscaping surrounding the perimeter of the complex is nearing completion. Raphael Rafael expects to start preparation for the install of shade shelters around the courts this week! The restroom and tournament precast buildings are scheduled to arrive in early March, so we expect substantial completion by April 2021. With the completion of the Sunset Park Pickleball Tournament complex, we must not forget that a Grand Opening is also just around the corner. As you can imagine, with the current state of the pandemic, and governor’s directives that can change at any time, organizing an inaugural Pickelball Tournament this Spring will be quite the feat! I have asked our Sports staff to include your club and members as they plan. We are extremely aware that the Pickleball community is excited about the opening and we hope that your members will enjoy the facility for years to come! Please feel free to contact me with any questions about parks in District G. If you have suggestions, I want to hear them. You can reach me and my staff at 702-455-5561 or email us at:

Thank you!
Jim Gibson Vice Chairman,
Board of County Commissioners


Longevity Sports Center announces Pickleball will be available to the public.

Longevity Sports Center (702-435-7000) is located at 5975 Topaz Street Las Vegas, NV 89120 (East of S. Eastern & North of E. Patrick on Topaz).
Starting next week, December 7th, the facility will make its 3 new dedicated indoor Pickleball courts available to the public. Call for reservations and rates. Evening open play from 6-9. Available for private lessons, clinics, tournaments, leagues, events, and Pickleball parties!

Pickleball tournament benefits injured veterans in Plantation, Florida

A Pickleball tournament at Plantation Central Park raised over $10,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project. A total of 130 teams, playing men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles, took to the courts Nov. 13-14 in the third annual event, with play running 12 hours each day. 

The cost was $60 per team. “It was wonderful to see so many people in the pickleball community come together to play the game they love,” said Andy Rubenstein, of Plantation, the tournament director.

The Wounded Warrior Project was founded in 2003 and serves veterans and service members who have suffered a physical, mental injury, illness or wound while serving in the military from Sept. 11, 2001, or after. Over 52,000 servicemen and women were injured in recent military conflicts, according to Julian Willis, a fundraising coordinator. Another 500,000 are living with “invisible wounds,” such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, Willis said.

Calling All Champions

We are looking for individuals who are willing and able to champion a cause.
Adults:   If you are reading this, chances are you are an adult who plays at one of the many public or private venues throughout the valley. For a list of those venues, take a quick peek at this website under Places to Play.
1. We need someone to be the spokesperson on behalf of each of the many venues. This individual(s) would be responsible for gathering player information and sharing news and ideas that can be shared with players at other venues through our club website and facebook page.
2. We need a League coordinator for adult league play. Would you be willing to captain a team?
3. We need Tournament Directors and volunteers. The new 24 court Pickleball complex at Sunset Park is scheduled to be completed next spring. Tournament planning is underway. Adult and Youth programs are on the agenda. Can we count on you to be a coordinator or volunteer?
4. Tell us what adult programs or activities would be of popular interest to you. 
How do we get school age boys and girls actively involved in playing Pickleball? We cannot count on Grandma and Grandpa to get it done. Are you the parent of a school age boy or girl? We want to know who you are so we can get your kids and their friends involved. Kids look up to those who are close in age as role models. We’d like to form some teams of kids ranging in age from 8 – 18, and we need some twenty-somethings who are willing to step up to mentor and coach a team.
1. We need volunteers to work with Youth. With Sunset Park on the horizon, you don’t have to worry about some kid cutting into your playing time at your favorite public venue. Sunset Park will be the ideal location to develop recreational and competitive Youth Pickleball.
2. We don’t have all the answers. Can we get your feedback on how you would envision a successful Youth program?
3. Our Club’s goal is to donate and put a paddle in the hand of every boy and girl in the program.
Until our world changed because of Covid 19, the SNPC Veterans program was off to a good start. Under the leadership of Club Trustee Earl Stitt and the cooperation of the City of Las Vegas Adaptive Programming Department, we had twice a week sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Dula Gym. Certified instructor Bill Batley was there to provide top notch training. This has all been put on hold. But, you can still get involved in our club’s Pickleball for VETS program.
1. Veterans teams have already formed at Sun City Summerlin and Siena. These Veteran teams are waiting for a challenge from teams yet to be formed at other communities and venues.
2. If you are a veteran who is interested in being on a team from your favorite playing venue, can we hear from you? Tell us your branch of service, and we’ll begin putting together the Pickleball version of the Army/Navy game. If you are Air Force or Marine Corp, you will be given equal time.
3. The SNPC Pickleball for VETS program is first and foremost geared to working with Veterans who are in need of rehabilitative services, and we are dependent on the local VA office and the City of Las Vegas Adaptive Programming Department for referrals. Our goal is to put a paddle in the hand of every VET than comes through the program. Please let us know if you wish to be involved as a volunteer in this program.

That's it in a nutshell, folks. Pickleball is a great sport. We can all tell stories about how it has changed our lives for the better. If you wish to help make someone else’s life better through Pickleball, we’d like to hear from you. Send us a note to :


As you all are aware, the national emergency concerning the coronavirus pandemic has affected the activities of our everyday lives. Americans are asked to follow the recommendations and mandates of local health and government officials and take precautions for their individual health and safety as well as others. The USAPA and the AAU have temporarily suspended all sanctioned Pickleball and sporting events on a national basis until further notice. Likewise, all of our scheduled local events and activities have been either been postponed or cancelled. It is disheartening. So many positive programs were just beginning to gel. Programs like Pickleball for VETS at Dula Gym, Pickleball Training for PE Teachers and Coaches, and the High School Pickleball Sport Club will resume at some point down the road. This is just a smidgeon of what has been impacted. With your help we’ll do our very best to keep you updated on all local events and activities.

Professional Development in Pickleball for PE Teachers and Coaches

The SNPC is working in conjunction with the Clark County School District to teach Pickleball as part of Professional Development training. The first teaching session will be at Veterans Tribute Career & Technical Academy on Saturday, March 28th for approximately 50 teachers. See picture of flyer in our Gallery.

Pickleball as a "Club Sport" at Coronado High School

Because of the persistent efforts of players motivated to introduce Pickleball into our Public and Private Schools, thanks goes to Selina, Angela, and Patti for their work in making the first High School Pickleball "Club Sport" a reality.  Local teenage Champ, Kyle Stoddard, will be paying it forward! See picture of flyer in our Gallery.

Veterans Pickleball at Dula Gym

The SNPC, in partnership with the City of Las Vegas and the Nevada Department of Veterans, has started a Pickleball program for VETS. Under the leadership of Earl Stitt, the program is part of the Club's Veteran initiative which is intended to share our sport with military veterans in need of rehabilitative and adaptive services. Tuesday & Thursday at Dula Gym, 8 - 10 a.m.

SNPC featured in "Nevada Business"

Southern Nevada Pickleball Club Expands the Enjoyment of the Sport to Youth, Adults, and Veterans
February 21, 2020 By Jennifer Bradley - JB Public Relations 

AAU Sullivan Award
Will a Pickleball Player someday win this coveted award?

Since 1930, the AAU James E. Sullivan Award presented by Eastbay has been given out to the nation’s top amateur athlete in the United States. Now in its 90th year, the award has been won by some of the greatest athletes of all time: From golfer Bobby Jones (1930), track and field star Wilma Rudolph (1961), basketball legend and later Senator Bill Bradley (1965), Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz (1970), through 9-time Olympic Gold medal winner Carl Lewis (1981), football star Peyton Manning (1997), and swimming standout Michael Phelps (2003). The AAU Sullivan Award recipients have recorded the history of amateur sports in this country. In light of the ongoing situation with COVID-19 ("Coronavirus"), the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) has decided to cancel the on-site ceremony portion of the AAU Sullivan Award to be held at the New York Athletic Club. Instead, the AAU will recognize the accomplishments of the finalists and announce the winner virtually. More information to follow. Voting for the 90th AAU James E. Sullivan Award winner will open Monday, March 23. These are unprecedented times and we appreciate everyone’s understanding as we shift to the new format to honor these illustrious athletes for all they have achieved this past year. Yours in Sports, Dr. Roger J. Goudy | AAU President & CEO Melissa Willis | AAU Sullivan Award Chair